Confirmation is a two-year process when 7th and 8th grade students begin to truly understand their faith and take responsibility for it. They learn about the history and traditions of both Christianity as a whole and the United Methodist Church. The journey culminates with students becoming full-fledged members of the FUMC Palatine congregation.

Why is Confirmation a two-year process?
Seventh grade focuses on getting students to start thinking about their faith as their own in whatever form that takes. They are also encouraged to get involved with the church as much as possible, in youth ministry and beyond.

Eighth grade sees the students work toward the ultimate goal of becoming a full church member at the end of the school year. Each student is paired with a mentor who acts as a guide throughout the year. In addition, each youth will have a "secret pal" who provides support and encouragement via notes, small gifts and other tokens. Extra classes are added as well as trips to various places of worship and opportunities to serve outside the church.

What kind of time commitment is there for Confirmation?
Both grades meet together for Sunday School every week at 9:00 am. For 8th grade, there are additional afternoon sessions once a month and occasional meetings with their mentor. In addition, both grades are encouraged to attend two youth group events per month. Finally, 8th grade is required to attend several off-site activities including weekend retreats, service trips and visits to places of worship.

Who leads the students through Confirmation?
The Confirmation program is led by Jeff Peterson and Reta Evenson. Because of the youth group attendance requirement, students will also interact with other youth leaders regularly.